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For A Brief Moment And Never Again

For A Brief Moment And Never Again
28 January 2023
Vault Festival
2.0 out of 5.0 stars

I kicked off my Vault Festival schedule with a four show Saturday, and the first one in the line-up was For A Brief Moment And Never Again Since by Judi Amato.

The show was slated to explore the troubles of a young relationship breaking down due to a monstrous thing one of the partners had done. Sarah and Owen are a young couple who suddenly find themselves unemployed with a baby on the way, and Owen makes a series of bad decisions that land him in jail.

The show is slow to start and has several time-jumps, not giving away much of the plot to start with. Which is a great way to ease into a story, to slowly uncover what happened, but this doesn’t really happen anywhere in this production. The story is only lightly touched on here and there, while both Sarah and Owen seem to endlessly repeat themselves, harping on about their opposing views on their relationship.

Scene changes are interspersed with movement and dance, which may have been intended to loosen up the structure, but just seems a bit out of place and awkward in the tiny space, with both actors moving uncomfortably close to audience members seated close to the stage.

With an obscured story that could be interesting, but is never fully explored, and two actors who don’t have much chemistry with each other even during the happy moments in the story, this one just didn’t land with me.

There is definitely potential in the story itself, if it were more thoroughly and more compellingly explored. Seeing as the show ran a good 20 minutes shorter than advertised, the time for a deeper exploration was definitely there, but unfortunately not utilised.

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