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The Elephant Song

The Elephant Song
19 January 2023
Park Theatre
4.0 out of 5.0 stars

The Elephant Song is currently playing at the Park Theatre.

When a psychiatrist suddenly disappears without a trace, the last patient to see him is suspected of being involved. Michael, a young man in severe mental distress and with a love of playing mind games, is questioned by hospital director Dr. Greenberg, who hopes to untangle the mystery.

The play starts of somewhat slow and pleasant, with Michael seeming charming and relaxed despite the high stakes situation. Bit by bit the plot unravels, with many manipulations and mind games along the way. The intense power struggle between the patient and the director is fascinating to watch.

I did feel that Dr. Greenberg did at times seem a little slow on the uptake, when Michael was aiming for very obvious manipulations. The plot was a little predictable at times, especially the ending that had several strong instances of foreshadowing along the way. Nevertheless, it was a captivating play to watch unfold, especially when Michael started opening up about his childhood, which heavily influenced his behaviour today.

An intriguing play with many twists and turns and a wholly enthralling plot, I’d definitely recommend giving it your time if you have the chance!

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