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The Snowman

The Snowman
26 December 2022
Peacock Theatre
3.0 out of 5.0 stars

To start this review off, I am generally not a big fan of ballet and dance-heavy shows, so keep that in mind when reading.

The Snowman is of course based on the very well known picture book, and follows a young boy who builds himself a snowman, which then comes to life and takes him on adventures around the world. As a dance show, it’s charming with some great talent twirling across the stage in ridiculous costumes, but hooooooooo boy those costumes. I do understand that costumes have to be made in a way that still allows people range of movement, but those snowman faces?? Yikes, nightmarish! Where’s the cute, round face we all know from the book? Nope, here it’s replaced with a clownish visage with huge, empty eye-holes and a creepily dark-lined, gaping mouth. Yikes.

The children in the audience didn’t seem very affected by this, so maybe that’s just me…

It’s definitely a cute story, and presented really well for children, but it reaffirmed me in my knowledge that these kind of shows just aren’t meant for me!

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