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Ghosted, another f***ing Christmas Carol

Ghosted, another f***ing Christmas Carol
24 December 2022
The Other Palace
4.5 out of 5.0 stars

Here we go again! Another version of A Christmas Carol. This one is a very modernised, updated, and definitely NOT family friendly version.

Ghosted, Another F***ing Christmas Carol, tackles the well know story from a different perspective. It is 2022 and a group of four friends tell each other stories of the worst boss they ever had. Of course this develops into a story about Eloisa Scrooge, grumpy and harsh property owner and lettings manager who hates Christmas, and her assistant Bobbi Cratchitt.

The show is studded with many hilariously re-worded Christmas carols, familiar scenarios of London living, and a very updated version of the classic ghost story.

It is quirky and rude, cheeky and camp, and everything I was hoping it would be. A Queer celebration of modern life with all its pitfalls and annoyances, and of course a huge dose of humour liberally sprinkled on top. Unabashedly ridiculous, Ghosted is brilliant entertainment with many twists along the way. I loved every moment, would definitely recommend if it comes around again!

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