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A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol
22 December 2022
Bridge Theatre
4.5 out of 5.0 stars

Another version of my favourite Christmas story! This time at the Bridge Theatre.

They offered a front row of beanbags in front of the actual front row, so I booked one of those and hoped it would be comfortable enough to sit through an hour and half of a run-through production.

Turns out, the beanbags were extremely comfortable, they were the kind that have a back-rest account for in their shape, absolutely lovely to sit in!

The production itself is something very different, a simple stage set with a few large crates and boxes, money-boxes and safes, a projected backdrop, and just three actors. The story is more narrated, like someone reading you a story in the dark by the fireplace. The actors jump from scene to scene, character to character, utilising simple blankets and clothing items to transform themselves. It feels like the essence of the story has jumped straight out of the book and onto the stage, enveloping the audience like a cosy blanket slung over our collective shoulders.

With very few modern references thrown in to freshen it up, it sticks so close to the original novella, an absolute delight of a production! I am so glad they brought it back to have a full run after it was cut short in late 2020 due to lockdown measures. I missed out on my booked visit back then, so was doubly excited for my 2022 visit, and it did not disappoint!

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