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Stranger Things Immersive Experience

Stranger Things Immersive Experience
15 December 2022
4.0 out of 5.0 stars

As a fan of Stranger Things, I’ve wanted to pay a visit to the immersive experience for a while. I gathered my troops and finally made it out on an icy night. First off, it’s in an absolutely impossible area, right across from Brentwood shopping centre, which was likely created by a sunglasses wielding demon with an obsession for motor vehicles. Sure, there are walkways that connect the footpaths across the busy roads, winding above and below like some Lovecraftian creature lying in wait. We could see the entrance across from the centre, but getting there was a whole other story!

20 minutes of sliding across winding paths, we finally made it. The industrial excursion is definitely worth it though! Upon arrival we were immediately checked in to the Hawkins labs as part of a sleep study. Recently, residents of Hawkins have been suffering from restless nights and debilitating nightmares, so some of us volunteered to help with a study to get to the bottom of these happenings.

Early in our introduction, things go a little south, and we’re soon ushered off to a different kind of testing, right in the rainbow room that is so familiar to fans of the show.
I won’t go into all the details of the story, as that would spoil it if you haven’t attended yourself yet, just know that we encountered some very well known characters and had to take action to escape from Demo-dogs, Demogorgans, and worse! What an excursion it was!

The immersive elements are very low-key, so absolutely suitable for those who don’t like getting to involved themselves. And while it is made to be a bit spooky, it wasn’t overly scary either. A good jump-scare or two, some tension, and lots of action along the way!

But what we enjoyed most of all was the final hall after the immersive part, chock full with photo-ops and (very very expensive) merch stalls! They have set up so many venues from the show, which you can freely explore and snap fantastic group pictures in!

It was so exciting to walk around and marvel at everything, I definitely recommend the experience to fans of the show!

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