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Halawatis, Women of the Arabian Nights
07 December 2022
The Globe
5.0 out of 5.0 stars

Hakawatis, Women Of The Arabian Nights is currently running at the gorgeous, candle-lit Sam Wanamaker Playhouse inside The Globe Theatre.

This play is situated on the sidelines of One Thousand And One Nights, in which the king, after his first wife was unfaithful to him, had resolved to marry a new woman every day, and have her beheaded the next morning before she could dishonour him. As the supply of women dwindled through the years, Scheherazade comes prepared with a plan. She tells a new story every night, but always stops halfway through, so the king lets her live another day to hear the ending. Her stories are so exciting and intriguing, they keep his attention and curiosity alive long enough to have him stay her execution night after night.
While Scheherazade tells her tales, there are five women in a small dungeon under the castle. They know they are up next for marriage and execution, should Scheherazade’s plan fail. So they supply her with stories, exciting and fantastical stories, personal and emotional stories, all the stories they can think of. This is the tale of these five women, bravely telling stories to save their lives, while discussing the world, their past, and their futures.

The play is enthralling, especially in the intimate venue, lit solely by a myriad of candles flickering on stage. A powerful and passionate series of tales, in which the women’s personalities and histories really shine. Frivolous at times, devastating at others, it’s a triumph of a peek behind the curtain of famous stories, imagining what others around the main characters might have experienced.
Absolutely beautiful and definitely worth a trip! Hakawatis is playing until mid January, don’t miss it!

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