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01 December 2022
Park Theatre
4.0 out of 5.0 stars

Wickies – The Vanishing Men of Eilean Mor, is based on a true story of three men who vanished from a remote lighthouse in December 1900.

Being a Wickie wasn’t an easy job back in the day, especially in rough climates and far from loved ones. James Ducat, Thomas Marshall, and Donald MacArthur had only been on the island tending the lighthouse for a few weeks, when the light couldn’t be observed by land or by ship for days on end. When a ship arrived on the island to investigate, they found all three men missing, the fire having gone out long ago, and no trace of what might have happened.

This eerie play delves into what might have happened on the little island with a reputation for being haunted. Perfectly portraying a desolate place, the stage is dark and rough, with a sparse kitchen setup in which most of the action unfolds. 

Revolving mostly around the relationships between the men, hardened and experienced lighthouse keepers with a rough tone, it’s a story of challenges and spirit, secrets and human fallibility. Beautifully realised, it tells the official side of what happened, as well as giving alternative hints of what might have happened.

What a great spooky story to see in the theatre. If you like the darker side of mysteries with the occasional ghost thrown in, definitely book to see Wickies, I enjoyed the show very much. 

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