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The Wind In The Wilton’s

The Wind In The Wilton’s
30 November 2022
Wilton’s Music Hall
4.0 out of 5.0 stars

The Wind in the Wilton’s is a brand new adaptation of the much loved children’s classic, bringing the story to the modern day, and into central London. 

We meet Mole and Ratty in Hyde Park, and move along the Thames for their adventures. The story itself sticks close to the original, while the setting and certain details have been adapted to fit into today’s climate. 

Some very clever side-jokes for the adults to enjoy, while children will still be charmed by the rag-tag group of riverside animals trying to save their living space from the sneaky weasels. With up-to-date references, including Toad wreaking havoc with a drone and an e-scooter rather than his good old automobile, Badger fighting against climate change, and Ratty cleaning up after the messy and ruthless weasels, stoats and ferrets. 

Catchy tunes, witty conversations, hilarious dance numbers, Christmassy caroling, this show has it all. A gorgeous little production, just in time for the season of togetherness, joy, and helping each other in times of need. We very much enjoyed The Wind in the Wilton’s!

Production Photo by Nobby Clark

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