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19 November 2022
Riverside Studios
5.0 out of 5.0 stars

Cages at Riverside Studios is truly something else.

Unlike any theatre experience I’ve had before, this stunning productions blends classic cinema with stagecraft in a dizzying performance.

Set in a post-apocalyptic, dreary world in which emotions are forbidden and hearts are kept safely locked in cages, two solitary outsiders find themselves drawn to each other through music. They commit the unspeakable act of falling in love, which carries a steep penalty in Anhedonia. Will they find a way to free the world to feel again, or crumble under the pressure of persecution?

Cages is absolutely stunning, incorporating so many different elements and technologies to craft a whimsical, dark story with a glimmer of hope. I really cannot properly describe this stage-wizardry accurately, I can only strongly recommend you experience it for yourself.

Whether you’re a regular theatre goer, or a cinema afficionado, this one will definitely blow you away. It is gorgeous, dark, passionate, intense, and surprising.

Gothic romance meets electronic rock musical, a stunning new experience in which animated projections seamlessly interact with live actors, what a beautiful way to push the boundaries of theatre!

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