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Diana, the untold and untrue story

Diana, the untold and untrue story
10 Nov 2022
The Pleasance
4.0 out of 5.0 stars

Do you know the story of Diana? Probably. But what if there was another story to be told, one with a very different ending?

Diana, The Untold and Untrue Story combines drag with a plethora of audience participation to rewrite the story of The People’s Princess in a very different way. A story of love and betrayal, hope and joy.

Linus Karp tackles the life of Diana, and adds a good dose of queer fun to the mix. Distasteful in parts, gleeful in others, it’s a roaring romp through history and fantasy.

Random audience members are assigned roles and given lines, filling in for many of the characters in the story. With this chaotic setup, we’re treated to a turbulent whirlwind of a show, with very minimal special effects, but a huge dose of love and admiration. There are some surprising twists throughout, and many deep belly laughs to be had.

Not for the traditional minded audience, this show is definitely geared towards the queer, the joyful, the imaginative! What a fun evening, I really enjoyed this frenzied attack on good taste.

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