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Hallowed Peak at Phantom Peak

Hallowed Peak
28 October 2022
Phantom Peak
5.0 out of 5.0 stars

I had heard about Phantom Peak and really wanted to try it out, but just hadn’t gotten around to it yet. So when I heard they were hosting a Halloween themed edition called Hallowed Peak, I organised a small group and headed off to find adventure in a lake side Steampunky town.

Phantom Peak is a fully immersive 5hr adventure in which you get to explore a small town, split into Old Town and New Town, to get to know its residents and the myths and secrets hidden beneath the surface.

The production value of this thing is amazing, with fully functional buildings, gorgeous Old West meets Steampunk themed decorations and technology, so many characters to interact with, and of course several food and drink options along the way.

You navigate through Phantom Peak with the help of a website (so make sure to bring a fully charged phone with good reception!) where you find a plethora of different trails you can follow. They usually start with a contact person who then gives you further information and sends you off on your mission. For Hallowed Peak, there were 13 all new trails to follow, but don’t stress about solving them all too much, you won’t get them all done in one night, no matter how hard you try. 

We split off into two groups of 3, and solved 3 trails each at a leisurely pace with a dinner break in between. I’d recommend experiencing this adventure in small groups of 1-3 people, anything more will just get too crowded and gives your friends less to do. It’s a lot of fun to solve different trails and then get together and chat about them afterwards!

Apart from the trails, which are so much fun and lead you all over the town of Phantom Peak to discover its secrets and try out all kinds of different technological marvels, there are also a few games to play, old-time carnival style, to win ribbon badges, as well as several shops with merch, souvenirs, sweets, and more.

All the characters and staff we encountered were welcoming, enthusiastic, and wanting to help everyone have the best adventure they can. It is very obvious that the staff very much enjoys working here, their positive attitude and high energy radiated throughout the venue.

The trails themselves aren’t necessarily very difficult to solve, so don’t expect escape room style challenges, they’re more geared towards discovering a part of the history of this fictional town and its people. With each step along the trail you’ll uncover more secrets and bring the myths of Phantom Peak to life, as well as finding out more about the residents and their lives. 

What a stunning production with so much to see and do! We’ve already booked to go again for the Christmassy Wintermas adventure. Don’t miss out, whether you’re competitive and want to solve as many trails as possible, or just want to have a fun adventure discovering unique and quirky stories, Phantom Peak is a must-do in London! It’s also family friendly and the trails are suitable for children from about 6yrs of age. 

Don’t be afraid to split up your group to follow different trails in pairs though, there is so much to do, you won’t miss out at all! And if you’ve already discovered a few trails, it is also a lot of fun to roam around the town and find the places you haven’t visited yet. Or speak to the shop-attendants and they might send you on random errands to prank their co-workers!

What a brilliant concept, I’ll definitely be visiting Phantom Peak quite a lot in the months to come!

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