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Peter Pan’s Labyrinth

Peter Pan’s Labyrinth
27 October 2022
The Vaults
4.0 out of 5.0 stars

Ah yes, another trip to the Vaults!

If you know me, you know this is my favourite theatre venue that I just keep on talking about. They’ve never disappointed me with any production they’ve hosted.

And this one is no different! Who thought that combining Peter Pan, Pan’s Labyrinth, and Labyrinth could result in a hilarious musical romp focussed on David Bowie as the main villain.

The story places Peter Pan into the Goblin King’s labyrinth, where he also meets characters from Pan’s Labyrinth. Sounds confusing? But it really is quite simply a joyfully silly production that doesn’t take itself, or any of it’s subjects, very seriously at all.

It all starts off with Peter being banished from Neverland when his magic clock that keeps him from ageing breaks, and he becomes a dissatisfied middle-aged man trying to make a living in the real world. When his only friend, his shadow, gets fed up with Peter’s juvenile irresponsibility and takes off for a better life, and his best friend Tinker Bell is about to get married to Captain Hook, Peter has to get his act together and find a way to get back to Neverland to change the story.

Of course, David Bowie grants wishes to those who manage to conquer his labyrinth, so we’re off on a wild chase to meet many familiar characters.

Heavy foreshadowing and ridiculous jokes don’t make this any less of a masterpiece of absurd tomfoolery. Audience participation, Bowie songs, glittering costumes, this show has it all!

If you’re a fan of Bowie’s work, or just really like silly entertainment, this show is an absolute must. What an exhilarating night out!

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