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Stranger Sings

Stranger Sings
09 October 2022
The Vaults
5.0 out of 5.0 stars

When I heard the off-Broadway production of Stranger Sings was coming to the Vaults, I just had to book tickets! So last weekend, I grabbed a friend and headed down to Waterloo to see what this musical is all about.

Musical parodies can sometimes be a bit much, or too cheesy, but this one is simply spot on! A humorous look at the first season of Stranger Things, which points out many of the issues with the plot and how stereotyped some of the characters are, with a winking eye and a cheery tune.

A roaring success of a parody, Stranger Sings has it all. Mullets, good friends, bad friends, adventures on bikes, love songs, dance battles, and a surprising amount of muppets. And, of course, redemption for Barb!
I can’t recommend this hilarious show enough, we had so much fun!

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