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The Witches Of Oz

The Witches Of Oz
21 September 2022
The Vaults
5.0 out of 5.0 stars

The Vaults is one of my favourite Theatre locations in London, and their dining shows are always a stellar success. Inclusive, affirming, and a little bit bat-shit, with a delicious themed feast served during the show, these productions are always so much fun, so I had to gather a few friends and head to the Vaults to see the first performance of the Witches Of Oz.

In usual Vaults manner, they tackle the story of Oz with a twist. It is a few decades after Dorothy made it back to Kansas, and Oz is in turmoil. The Good Witch is running for office, but the Blizzard of Oz threatens their world with an icy armageddon, while the Wicked Witch is trying to find a solution to this environmental threat. The Lion, Scarecrow, and Tin are high ranking officers in the Emerald City, and team up once again when Dorothey, now all grown up and living their non-binary life, unexpectedly turns up in Oz and wants nothing more but to head back home.

During the whirlwind story with many twists, turns, and musical performances, we were treated to a gorgeous feast starting with broccoli lollipops, sweetcorn puree with corn bread, spiced pumpkin with root vegetables and a delightful beetroot salad (there’s also a chicken option, but I decided to go with the seasonal dish instead), and finally a beautiful individual serving of candied apple pie!

The food was delicious as always, and really suited the theme very well. While the show itself was highly entertaining, beautifully inclusive, and very funny. Another raging success for these Vaults dining shows, I’ll definitely head back before the end of the run to experience this delight once more!

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