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Final Escape Berlin – Ghost Ship

Ghost Ship
06 August 2022
Final Escape Berlin
4.0 out of 5.0 stars

On my trip to Berlin, I of course had to check out their escape room scene! I do have to say, escape rooms in Germany tend to be significantly more expensive than in the UK. But despite this, I found a room that appealed to me and my family members who joined me for the experience.

We chose the Ghost Ship room at Final Escape Berlin. As the name suggests, this room is themed around an abandoned pirate ship. Our team had 60 minutes before the ghost pirates would return and we’d forever be stuck on the ship, so we had to rush to find the treasure hidden aboard.

The room has a sequential storyline, so all puzzles need to be solved one by one as a team, with hints given via a monitor on the wall as and when they are deemed needed by the games host. I like this kind of hint system, as it means you have a dedicated host watching the progress of your team closely, which can be very beneficial. The way hints were given was never too obvious, nor too obtuse, I felt it was very well paced and also well worded to just give a little nudge in the right direction.

There were two puzzles that were a little ambiguous and could have been structured better for better understanding, but other than that, it was great fun to blast through this room! Despite the room being quite small, we found a lot to do and many things to investigate and solve. We were never stuck for long, and there was a good mix of different puzzles.

Definitely an intermediate room, which was just the right difficulty setting with two relatively inexperienced players, and me as a very experienced one. We all had a lot of fun and finished with just over 10 minutes left on the clock.

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