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Nachts Im Bundestag

Nachts Im Bundestag
05 August 2022
Kabarett Theater Distel, Berlin
4.0 out of 5.0 stars

Of course I had to book some theatre on my visit to Berlin! Being able to understand the language was definitely necessary as I didn’t see any English language shows listed.

The first show I booked was at the Kabarett Theater Distel, a theatre close to the parliamentary buildings specialising in political cabaret.

Nachts Im Bundestag is a sketch-based show that loosely follows a story of two fed-up Berlin locals abduct a politician inside the Bundestag-building to force political change. They’re not sure what kind of change, they just know that they don’t like the way things are at the moment.

Unfortunately it turns out that the politician they abducted turns out to be a near-retirement back-bencher who hasn’t been politically relevant in decades, but who sees this abduction as a chance to become a known and influential politician once again, so he supports his captors in coming up with a list of actual demands.

With a bit of political background knowledge of the last few decades, and especially the relevant current developments, the show was absolutely hilarious and so well presented! The company are clearly very passionate about political satire and were able to poke fun in all directions without being gauche or inappropriate. (Shout out to @lagedernation for keeping me politically informed despite having left Germany over 15 years ago!)

If you’re at all politically interested and enjoy a good bit of comedy (and have a good understanding of the German language and the German government) I’d definitely recommend booking a show at Kabarett Distel, what a fun night!

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