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28 July 2022
Park Theatre
4.0 out of 5.0 stars

Monster is one of those plays that stays with you and challenges your perspectives. Exploring motivations behind seemingly random violence, the dynamics of the abused becoming abusers themselves, how much our past defines us as people and what we do with our future, Monster is intense and not an easy viewing experience!

Set in Glasgow in 2006, two troubled teenagers grapple with their respective situations while flirting heavily and making plans to run away together for a better life. While Kayleigh tries to cope with her abusive mother’s actions, often exploding into rage when challenged or made to feel powerless, Zoe tries to come to terms with her love for her friend and her inability to stand up for herself. When the two are locked into an argument, the outcome is unthinkable violence that tears their lives apart forever.

The second act explores grief, anger, and loss while asking important questions on redemption and forgiveness. Can a person who has committed a monstrous act be redeemed, forgive themselves, and move on? Or are they forever defined by one moment of awful reactiveness in their early youth? Do they even deserve a second chance at life? And how would this affect the victims who are forever changed by what has happened?

While Monster doesn’t necessarily offer any answers, it does explore these dynamics in a very emotional but gentle way. It is difficult to watch, it is deeply touching, and it is most of all a wonderful exploration of the human condition, our personal perception of justice, redemption, and regret. An impactful play that will stay with its audience for a long time to come.

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