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Twelfth Night

Twelfth Night
15 July 2022
Hoxton Trust Garden
5.0 out of 5.0 stars

I love outdoor theatre! Especially Shakespeare comedies have a very different feel to them when performed up close in an outdoor setting. East London Shakespeare Festival are staging Twelfth Night in community gardens across East London this summer, and I headed down to see it at Hoxton Trust garden.

This production is so lovingly staged, with modern musical interludes that really mesh well with the play. Community theatre in a very accessible setting that drew the attention of passers-by throughout the show, with children pressed up to the fence until their parents called them away.

We arrived early with a picnic and got comfy on the grass near the stage area, watching people trickle through the gates and actors prepare for their big moments. This kind of setting is absolutely wonderful for younger audiences and those who might not have been exposed to the wonders of Shakespearean comedies outside of school.

A very dynamic, hilarious staging of a play about mistaken identities, bright and modern while staying true to the material. This is community theatre at its very best! Extremely engaging from the go, I loved every minute of this production.

I cannot recommend ELSF enough and will definitely be back for more shows, what a great idea!

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