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Jack Absolute Flies Again

Jack Absolute Flies Again
07 July 2022
National Theatre
4.0 out of 5.0 stars

Set in 1940, Jack Absolute Flies Again takes place on the estate of widow Mrs. Malaprop, who is known for her incorrect usage of words, leading to many hilarious moments in the play. The estate is being used as a base for fighter pilots, flying defence and intelligence missions during WWII.

Mrs. Malaprop’s niece, Lydia Languish, causes a stir when her former suitor Jack Absolute, as well as two of his pilot friends vie for her affection, while she lusts after a mechanic on the base who himself has a thing going with the estate’s maid… yes, it’s one of those plays!

Based on the late 17-hundreds play The Rivals, Jack Absolute Flies Again us surprisingly funny, with many silly moments engineered by Lucy, the maid, who deliberately mishandles mail handed to her to stir up contention and cause confusion.

It’s one of those fun romps that’s not very deep, but inherently charming. I’m usually not a fan of romantic works set in this time period, but the humour and silliness absolutely make this a fun play to watch!

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