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The Haunting Of Susan A.

The Haunting Of Susan A.
02 July 2022
The King’s Head Theatre
4.0 out of 5.0 stars

I love a good pub theatre! It’s such a brilliant piece of London theatre culture. A small space, usually painted entirely black, a few chairs squashed up around a small stage area, an earthy atmosphere in a back room of a busy pub. There are so many of these strewn throughout London, but this one is the OG! Opening its doors to small theatre productions in 1970, The King’s Head in Islington is the oldest pub theatre in London, and one with a brilliant feel to it. I’ve seen many productions here and they never disappoint.

This is why I was especially excited to see The Haunting Of Susan A, a piece written by the theatre’s Artistic Director, Mark Ravenhill, specifically for the space, drawing from decades of history to create a rich and heart felt location-specific play.

While it does go into the theatre’s history, as well as its future with an upcoming move to a new space just next door (and I’m very curious to see with it will have a similar feel to it, or if the feel of heavy history just can’t be replicated in a different space) it is mainly a ghost story. The story of a haunting happening right in the theatre, and the unravelling of a tragic story that led to the death of two women.

This play isn’t for the faint hearted, but it also isn’t terrifying or gory in any way. It’s a gorgeous story woven from the fabric of the building and its history, and very well presented! I loved this production and would definitely recommend it to my spooky friends!

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