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Hoxton Street

Hoxton Street
18 May 2022
Hoxton Hall
2.5 out of 5.0 stars

Throughout May, Hoxton Hall put on a very different kind of show. Hoxton Street, a live soap opera style show set in the area. A variety of characters grapple with life-changing situations in a small neighbourhood. In four half-hour episodes, the audience gets to decide how the plot advances.

I went to one of the omnibus performances, that had all four episodes staged in one evening. I do have to say, I’m generally not really a soap opera kind of person, so this really wasn’t my kind of show at all. Still, I found it quite entertaining in itself, despite struggling with the mundane and often overly dramatic portrayal of this small community.

Hoxton Street introduces us to a small group of people who are connected in unexpected but often overly transparent ways. The characters themselves are quite overdrawn and dramatic, which makes their connections and struggles somewhat less compelling. Still, the show is very well presented and if you’re a person who enjoys soap operas, you’d definitely enjoy Hoxton Street, which takes on a genre rarely seen taken to the stage, and does so very well.

An interesting show, though not really my personal style.

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