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Adventure Games – Monochrome Inc

Monochrome Inc
08 March 2022
at home
5.0 out of 5.0 stars

Monochrome Inc is another instalment in the Adventure Games series. I’ve previously played, and enjoyed, The Dungeon and Volcanic Island, and was very excited to embark on a new adventure.

These games are a little bit like classic choose your own adventure style books, but in a more visual game format. There are four characters to choose from, and many storylines to explore.

In this game, the players are hired by a mysterious client to investigate the medical corporation Monochrome Inc. to find out what shady business they’re up to. Along the way, we had to hack into computers, bamboozle security, and follow the many clues to find out what was going on in this huge building full of secrets.

The story was very interesting and revealed itself bit by bit, with many different rooms to explore and so many decisions to be made along the way. The helper app was extremely useful for this game, as it read out all the content of the adventure book, and definitely prevented the accidental reading of other paragraphs (the book contains so many different story points on each page, it’s easy to let the eye wander, so I prefer playing without the book) while giving some more atmosphere to the experience.

I loved this story, despite the dark and dangerous themes, and had so much fun being a super spy. The game mechanics worked flawlessly through the app. Monochrome Inc is definitely a step up from the two previous Adventure Games, and I’m very much looking forward to trying out the next one, Grand Hotel Abandon. What a brilliantly entertaining series!

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