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Our Generation

Our Generation
26 February 2022
National Theatre
4.5 out of 5.0 stars

Oof, now this one you must see for yourself!

Our Generation is based on five years of interviews with 12yr olds across the UK, using direct quotes from these interviews. What a project! To follow a group of young people through a good chunk of their formative years to gain an in-depth view on what defines this generation of youngsters is a brilliant study, especially as the interviews are very candid.

Coming of age stories can be a bit tedious at times, but this one is full of rich differences and surprises. Taking real life stories from real life teenagers without censoring or changing them is absolutely fascinating.

The stage is populated by twelve young people, who take it in turns to speak about their lives, expectations, experiences, struggles, and dreams. It’s so beautifully presented with a very pared down presentation that only utilises minimal props and mostly works through lighting changes and a few school desks.

I found it fascinating to see the growth and development each character went through in their personal journeys, gaining an insight into how teenagers today live and cope.

This show is so current and timely, and an important piece of true-life-documentary spun into an entertaining and enlightening stage performance. I cannot recommend this enough if you’re at all curious how young people today might view the world.

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