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Escape from Hallow Hall

Escape from Hallow Hall
13 February 2022
at home
3.0 out of 5.0 stars

Escape From Hallow Hall is another Professor Puzzle game that I picked up randomly at a toy shop. I’ve played other games from this company before which were somewhat enjoyable, if more of a beginner’s game. With this in mind, I tried out Hallow Hall. As with the three games I previously played, this one works with four individual puzzles that each give you a sentence that helps find which of the multitude of escape doors is the only correct one. There are four envelopes with one game each, and a map of the building (to figure out which door it is), each envelope contains a relatively simple game to be completed.

I found all four games to be too close to other, similar puzzles that I encountered in previous games from the same company, there wasn’t really anything new and exciting. The theming was on point, being a creepy old mansion that may or may not be haunted, so that was a great extra!

As with other games from this company, it seems to be aimed at less experienced players, and does provide great props and good theming. But players who have been around the box may find the game a little lacking in challenge and innovation. At least they’re not very expensive, so it’s not too bad.

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