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Jungle Rumble

Jungle Rumble
14 February 2022
Fortune Theatre
4.0 out of 5.0 stars

For half term entertainment, I took my work charges to the Fortune Theatre to see Jungle Rumble by Perform Entertainment.

The musical features a cast of colourful jungle animals who must unite to free the last white lion, Snow, from an evil hunter. It’s kept very light for young children to enjoy, and includes many funny and inspirational songs, as well as lessons on working together and finding individual strengths to help the team and save the earth.

Geared towards the youngest theatre audiences, I did find it a bit annoying that the theatre itself didn’t have sufficient booster seats available for the nearly sold out performance we attended. Many youngsters were consequently standing on seats or their guardian’s laps, again blocking other children from seeing. Obviously this isn’t the fault of the production company, but rather an oversight on the side of the theatre. Luckily we booked relatively close to the stage, so didn’t have too many issues seeing the stage.

At about 45 minutes it’s the perfect length to introduce younger children to theatre, and the 5 and 6 yr old in my company were absolutely enthralled by the story, cheering and laughing along with the characters.

Jungle Rumble is a really fun children’s show, though I’d say about 8yrs is probably the absolute upper age limit for the audience, as it’s more suitable for 4-7 year olds. Which is brilliant, as there’s not too much stage entertainment for that age range around.

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