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Hincks Gazette

Hincks Gazette Vol.2 November and December
29 January 2022

4.5 out of 5.0 stars

Another Blue Fish Games post! Along with the Curious Stairs, I also ordered two Hincks Gazettes, wanting to try out this format. It’s a two-sided newspaper that is full of puzzles and riddles that lead you to one solution.

An unusual concept for this type of game that doesn’t come with any further props, but also doesn’t need a website to solve it. It does come with a website that provides hints, which are subtle nudges towards the solution rather than giving too much away right off the bat, and a place to input the final code word once all puzzles of one gazette are solved, but the game is solely played on the newspaper.

Each issue of the Hincks Gazette has an overarching theme, with a variety of articles or puzzles surrounding this theme and leading to the answer we’re looking for. I personally would recommend playing this one solo as it’s a two-sided game that needs to be solved sequentially to make sense.

While it seems very simple, not too complex, it does have a lot to it and is a delight to work through. Each issue took me about 55 minutes to play through on my own, and I’ve already ordered a few more back issues because they’re just so much fun to play!

What a great idea to make a monthly subscription based on a local newspaper. They also have a weekly email puzzle you can sign up for, these are a little more simple and usually solved within a few minutes, but definitely a great customer service and fun little game.

I’m keeping my eye on Blue Fish for any further games they might release, I haven’t been disappointed with anything they’ve produced so far.

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