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Puzzaroo – The Corporation

The Corporation
27 January 2022
at home
3.0 out of 5.0 stars

I recently tried out a new little game from Puzzaroo, The Corporation. It’s all about a mysterious agency trying to recruit the best of the best by sending out hidden little clues in everyday objects. Of course I have so far been too dense to catch any of the clues, so this pack of items is a last ditch effort to recruit me. The envelope contains very normal looking items you’d encounter in your everyday life, including a receipt, a flyer, a business card, a lottery ticket, a metro map, a local newspaper and more. The quality of the items is fantastic, they do all feel and look like the real deal! You have to work quite hard to discover the little hidden clues that give you numbers and letters to fill out a secret location where you will meet the agents of The Corporation for your recruitment.

Some of the items make it a little more obvious, while others do give quite a challenge. The difficulty level is hard to gauge as a few items are very easy and others are very hard work. There is a good variety of puzzles in this game, though I do want to give a warning that they are very maths heavy! So make sure you have a calculator and someone who enjoys maths handy, or you might be running into a spot of trouble.

The biggest issue I had with this game is that the hint system isn’t done very well. The hints don’t explain how to solve the puzzle or nudge you subtly into the right direction, they just give partial answers which means the puzzle is partially solved rather than helping you figure out how to do it yourself. There is also one game that cannot be solved with logic, it’s purely a guessing game that has you trying out a bunch of options until you find the right one. This isn’t something I personally enjoy in puzzle games as I think there should always be a logical way of approaching a solution, rather than guessing your way through.

Still, it’s an entertaining little game and it comes with a very low price tag, so definitely worth a punt if you’re wanting to try out puzzle games!

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