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Coded Chronicles – The Shining

The Shining
06 January 2022
at home
4.0 out of 5.0 stars

After having played Coded Chronicles’ Scooby Doo, I got The Shining in a trade and grabbed a friend to try out the game. The games works via several books, in this case character journals, which contain a myriad of number combinations. Each character has certain skills, which can be used by combining the skill number with the item/room number to interact and advance the plot.

The game starts with just one room, and one character, Wendy. Navigating her skills in the kitchen, we investigate and try to find out where her son, Danny, is hidden while preventing Jack from chasing us down. The game follows the plot of the movie quite closely, so if you’ve recently watched it, it does make it a little easier to know what to do.

The only issues we ran into was that some of the numbers weren’t very clear in their orientation, meaning we occasionally mistook a 6 for a 9, or a 08 for an 80. This could be made a little more clear in the game itself, but it’s also the only niggle I have with it. The last puzzle was also a little frustrating, but other than that the game ran very smoothly.

If you like horror films and solving puzzles, this one’s definitely a good one to try with a small group of friends. I’d say two to three is ideal, giving everyone lots to do and making for a great co-operative gaming experience. I’ll definitely keep an eye on the Coded Chronicles series to see what else they release, I really like the concept of how these games are played!

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