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The VOC Treasure

The VOC Treasure
02 January 2022
at home
3.5 out of 5.0 stars

I’ve had this big wooden box on my shelf for a few months! Finally, I popped on a pirate themed playlist on Spotify and tackled the mystery of the great VOC treasure. (VOC stands for the Dutch East India Company, 17th-18th century)

The game is based on the idea that a distant relative of ours, who has tracked down information on several lost treasures, has given us all the information we need to discover the location of great riches! Of course he has scrambled the information in secret maps, letters, props, and more. The box includes a fabric treasure map (which unfortunately is only used for a very short amount of time, with the quality of the prop I was hoping it would get more use in the puzzles) and a real wine bottle among other items that are really fun to play with.

It’s a little difficult to figure out which props go with which game, as you need to find four of each of the following: islands, ships, captains, events, and treasures. So there’s a lot of information to draw from the materials. Finally, you plot it all into a logic puzzle as the last step of the game. While all the individual puzzles were very fun to work with and figure out (and mostly quite straight-forward once you figured out what you were looking for) I absolutely hate the logic puzzle style conclusion to the game. I grew up with my mum being obsessed with these logic puzzles, but I’ve always disliked them. It took me way too long, and several attempts, to finally finish it and line up all four ship disasters correctly.

So, if you dislike logic puzzles, maybe sit this one out, but if you do not mind them, this is a brilliant game with a lot of play value and so much to do! Definitely a fun recommendation.

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