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Mystery Agency – The Ghost In The Attic

The Ghost In The Attic
01 January 2022
at home
4.0 out of 5.0 stars

And finally I got around to the third game from the Mystery Agency, The Ghost In The Attic! Even though I think this might be the easiest of the three, it’s also my favourite. I love that it includes a boardgame as the main premise of the game! And of course the spooky ghost content.

The ghost in the attic is about a mid-1950s boardgame of the same name, that is said to be haunted and has seen several people die in mysterious circumstances just hours after playing the game. The company tried to recall all 500 games from the first print run and was successful in tracking most of them down, except of course the one copy that is now in the player’s hands!

The box is really well designed and looks like an actual boardgame, with specially designed dice and figures and all. Of course, we do not want to play the game and run the risk of angering the ghost, no, we want to find the truth of why this game is haunted and release the poor soul by helping it successfully fulfil its unfinished business.

As with other Mystery Agency games, this one combines online content with high quality props that need to be combined to find clues, passwords, websites, logins, and much more. There’s so much to do and the story flows really well, uncovering the tragic truth behind the haunting. I loved this box game so much, a spooky story and brilliant props made for a very entertaining puzzle experience that included a great variety of codes and games. It’s definitely suitable for beginners as the difficulty level isn’t too high. It entertained me for a good hour of fun though!

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