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Mystery Agency – The Vanishing Gambler

The Vanishing Gambler
01 January 2022
at home
4.0 out of 5.0 stars

After playing the Balthazar Stone from Mystery Agency a little while ago, I bought both other game boxes on offer. I finally got around to playing the Vanishing Gambler, a game focussed around finding an escaped prisoner who spent years swindling casinos out of millions of dollars.

I really love how the mystery agency blends real world props and digital sleuthing in their games, leading to the player having to discover logins, chase secret information, uncover websites from the clues given, etc. In the Vanishing Gambler I only ran into one major problem, which was due to one of the company names used in the materials being the same as an actually existing company, so I struggled finding the “fake” website created for the game as I kept landing on the actual company’s website. This could have been done a little better with a fake company name, as is often used in these games.

Other than that, there are no complaints from me! A very complex game with a lot to decode, discover, and solve. It kept me busy for two hours of gaming fun and I really liked all the little tricks and effects used to make this a compelling story with a little depth to it. Great game that’s absolutely worth the money and can always be reset to be played by others!

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