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Life Of Pi

Life Of Pi
29 December 2021
Wyndhams Theatre
5.0 out of 5.0 stars

I originally saw Life Of Pi in November, but unfortunately the show had to be stopped during interval due to technical difficulties that couldn’t be rectified in time. I did get refunded my ticket price and was able to rebook for another date though.

I loved the book of Life Of Pi, but never got around to seeing the film when it came out, so was quite excited to see how the stage version compares. And of course to see the animal puppets! I love on stage puppetry when it’s done well! The play tells the story of Pi, lone survivor of a shipwreck who spends 227 days on Pacific ocean in a tiny lifeboat. Pi’s family ran a zoo in Pondicherry, India, in the late 1970s, but due to political unrest, they decided to relocate all the animals and the whole family to Canada. The Japanese freighter that is supposed to take them to North America sinks in a big storm, and only Pi makes it across the ocean alive to eventually arrive in Mexico, where just days later Japanese officials want to uncover the story of what happened to the massive freight ship, interrogating Pi to reveal the story.

The stage show flips between Pi’s hospital bed and the places he talks about. Very clever stage design is used to conjure up a zoo, a marketplace, a freighter, and finally the little lifeboat, in a beautiful and immersive way. A host of animal characters are gorgeously animated with life-size puppets, and Pi leads through the entire plot and exploration of faith and truth in such a brilliant way.

I felt absolutely immersed in the story and very much enjoyed seeing the book come to life in such a true and inspiring way. This is the best of what stage adaptations can be!

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