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Scarlet Envelop – III, IV, and V

Distress Call From Outer Space, Breakfast For A Serial Killer, Wild Mansion of Mr. Ferri
02 January 2022
at home
4.0 out of 5.0 stars

I finally tackled envelopes 3, 4, and 5 of Scarlet Envelope. I really enjoyed the first two games in the series, and these three are just as good!

Envelope 3 is themed around an impending war between Earth and Mars after a mysterious missile attack. There aren’t very many items in the envelope, which surprised me as the other ones do hold quite a lot more props, but to balance that out the website content that goes with this one is absolutely stunning! Very immersive material that leads the player to chase down information from public, private, and top secret sources. I loved this futuristic spy adventure, so very well designed and it includes several very clever puzzles!

For the next adventure, we travel back in time to the 50s to solve the murder of a waitress in a diner. I thought this story was a little too easy to solve and didn’t include too many twists and difficulties. For a murder mystery it was quite simplistic in its plot. But still, in included several puzzles that really tested my abilities and kept me engaged for over an hour, uncovering pieces of evidence, cross-referencing props for more information, and combing through witness statements to find the lies and inconsistencies. An interesting game that could benefit from a bit more complexity in the stories of the suspects.

Lastly, envelope 5 sees us helping a family uncover the secret will of their deceased relative. Who is, of course, an eccentric rich man who likes to prank and test his family and friends. The story is neat with some new puzzles and interesting props that contain clues for several challenges at once. I really liked the characterisation and storyline in this game.

My favourite part is definitely that all these games are so different in their stories and challenges, giving a great variety for monthly subscribers!

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