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Exit – The Sinister Mansion

The Sinister Mansion
26 December 2021
at home
4.5 out of 5.0 stars

As I’m trying to play through my stash of Exit games before the new ones come out next year (they announced a LotR themed one!!! I’m so excited!!!) I grabbed The Sinister Mansion the other day. As with all Exit games, this one works with a series of answer cards, riddle cards, a disc and a few “mysterious items”. This game is a medium difficulty rating, but probably still quite good for beginners if you happen to run across this one. The premise is that we receive a letter from our neighbour, asking us to feed their cat while they had to go on an unexpected holiday. Of course we want to look after the poor kitty, despite never having met our neighbour, but soon discover that it’s all a trap and we’re not locked into the mansion and need to find our way out!

Again, this game had a few features that I haven’t seen in other Exit games before, it’s great how they manage to come up with new ideas despite the expansive collection of games already released. Of course there’s sometimes very tenuous links involved, but Sinister Mansion flowed really well in its game play, except for one puzzle that I thought was a bit iffy.

But then again, every player is so different in their approach of puzzles and clues, the same puzzle might be an absolute breeze to other players. I especially enjoyed how this game included references to several other Exit games that I’ve played in the past, though these weren’t vital to understanding the game at all. So it’s a nice nod for repeat offenders like me. Big thumbs up for this game!

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