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Exit – The Cursed Labyrinth

The Cursed Labyrinth
26 December 2021
at home
5.0 out of 5.0 stars

Another one from my to-play pile! The Cursed Labyrinth is a beginner rated Exit game at 2 out of 5 difficulty points. As with all Exit games, this one works with a series of answer cards, riddle cards, a disc and a few “mysterious items”.

In this story, we find ourselves locked into a cursed labyrinth, with the task to find our way out and lift the curse. I really enjoyed the variety of puzzles and setups in this one, everything made sense and nothing seemed too far fetched. I didn’t need to use any hint cards at all, as all the puzzles made enough sense on their own and were really fun to figure out. There’s a great variety of different tasks throughout the labyrinth with some surprises that I haven’t seen in other Exit games before.

I really like how they utilize all game materials to make a varied and interesting game, with so many new ideas and tricks to keep the player on their toes. The graphics of this one do seem a bit amateur here and there, but overall it’s a fun game.

As far as Exit games are concerned, Labyrinth is definitely one of the really good ones!

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