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Exit – The Mysterious Museum

The Mysterious Museum
26 December 2021
at home
3.5 out of 5.0 stars

Ah, finally getting back to playing some of the escape games I still have sitting around at home! Shamefully, I have over 30 still unplayed games of this type, I really need to start working on the to-play pile!

The Mysterious Museum is another Exit game by Kosmos. As with all Exit games, this one works with a series of answer cards, riddle cards, a disc and a few “mysterious items”. You work your way through the riddle cards in the order they are given to you by the game while you uncover the plot and all the different elements of the little games and puzzles involved.

For the Mysterious Museum, the premise is that we happen to be at the Natural History museum in Florence, where we want to marvel at the sunken treasures of the Santa Maria, but accidentally set off a time machine, and need to find our way back through various decades to get back to our origin time. It’s a beginner game at a 2 out of 5 difficulty rating, I tend to prefer the beginner level Exit games as the riddles make a lot more sense and are quite logical, whereas the harder difficulty ratings often end up with riddles being more obtuse and tenuous, seemingly to artificially heighten the difficulty of solving them.

This one has a series of well designed puzzles that are easy to follow and pick apart. It’s definitely a good beginners game and fun for experienced players as well, if you enjoy breezing through various different setups to find the correct numbers to open locks and activate machinery. I do wish they’d have done a little more with the time travel angle than they did. Still, a fun little game!

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