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ImmerCity – The Death Of Irene Adler

The Death Of Irene Adler
12 December 2021
Kentish Town, London
3.5 out of 5.0 stars

When I heard that ImmerCity was opening a new immersive experience themed around the Sherlock Holmes universe, I jumped at the chance to try it out very early in the run. The House Of Irene Adler is advertised as an escape room style mystery, and that’s exactly what it feels like. It’s hidden away in a small alley in Kentish Town, where we are welcomed with the news that Irene was supposedly killed in a balloon accident, but Sherlock needed us to investigate further and especially find out what she was working on when she disappeared.

The landlady lead us to Irene’s little dressing room and closed the door behind us, we would have one hour to root around and uncover mysteries hidden in the little room. We quickly discovered our first clues and a hidden room, leading us to uncover the story of what had happened. There was even a communication system to get in contact with characters across London for help and advice. While there were a few physical puzzles, most of the room was more of a murder mystery setup, so I’m not sure if I’d class it as a traditional escape room.

While the story unfolded quite well once we followed the clues and uncovered more evidence, we still lacked the name of the perpetrator as a few connections weren’t made clear enough (the same person being referred to in several different ways just muddled up the story and made it difficult to pinpoint who exactly was meant with which piece of evidence and information) but got plenty of hints and leads from the game host. The most fun part about this experience was the set.

Complete with original props and scene dressing, it’s just gorgeous to get to root around in. From vintage Victorian clothing to a large collection of items hidden away in a secret vault, it was beautiful and really well designed. This alone makes it absolutely worth checking out.

We did manage to put together the story and find the perpetrator before he could do more damage, but I still left feeling a little confused. A fun game with a little room for improvement here and there, but overall really well done.

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