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A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol
30 November 2021
Alexandra Palace Theatre
4.5 out of 5.0 stars

Ah, my standard yearly theatrical viewing of an interpretation of this classic! This time, I chose to head on up to Alexandra Palace Theatre, one of the few theatres in London I have not been to. It’s beautifully situated on a hill with a gorgeous view across London, and there’s a little market inside the hall outside the theatre, where meals, snacks, and drinks can be purchased. By pure coincidence, I ran into a friend who happened to book the same show on the same day. It’s always nice running into people I know.

The theatre inside Alexandra Palace is truly something to behold. Originally opened in 1875, it had fallen into disrepair during an 80 year period where it was closed to the public and mainly used as prop storage by the BBC. After a full restoration, it was reopened in 2018 with a found-space aesthetic, leaving many parts of the walls and ceiling in a somewhat dilapidated, but reinforced and restored, state and giving it an almost spooky feel. It’s a gorgeous space for sure.

For this adaptation of the famous story, the stage was dressed with large filing cabinets, giving it a Victorian feel that suits it so well. While the show is very true to the original story, there were small alterations here and there, and overall it did feel quite a bit more spooky than other adaptations I’ve seen in the past. Decadent costumes and beautiful staging just drew me in, a gorgeous show that drew me in and kept my attention throughout.

I know Ally Pally is a bit off the beaten path for theatre, but if you get a chance at all, make your way up there to see this production, it’s absolutely stunning!

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