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Indecent Proposal – The Musical

Indecent Proposal
22 November 2021
Southwark Playhouse
2.0 out of 5.0 stars

I was very curious when I heard that this film was getting the musical treatment. Not really one you’d peg as good stage material. However, I love the Southwark Playhouse, so I headed down to check out the performance.

This musical doesn’t have as many songs as I’d like from a show saying it’s a musical, but it did involve a live band at the wonderful Oasis Casino Hotel Resort. Mainly it was the same two songs sang in several iteration across the show. The well-known premise is, of course, that a millionaire offers a couple one million dollars to spend a night with the beautiful wife, and all the moral and emotional difficulties that might come with such an offer.

I’m familiar with the story, so wasn’t expecting any surprises, but a little update on a very misogynistic view of female sexuality would have been nice. Unfortunately it seemed to stay true to a 1980s feel in its treatment of women. A more modern setting and rewriting of the story would have absolutely benefited this show.

The actors all did their absolute best with the material given, but I found the entire presentation to be a bit lacklustre, it felt too much like an old film that hadn’t aged very well. There’s potential here, but it’ll need a lot of work to reach it!

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