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Kingston Escape Rooms – Rob The Bank!

Rob The Bank!
29 November 2021
Kingston Escape Rooms
3.5 out of 5.0 stars

Last week I popped down to Kingston to try out the Rob The Bank game at Kingston Escape with The Escaperoomer I’ve done a few heist themed rooms before, but this one is definitely a spin on the usual. The story is simple, we want to liberate a stash of gold bars from a bank, there’s a plan in place and we just need to follow it.

We are popped into the back of a van and given 60 minutes to accomplish our mission, before our getaway driver will abandon us. The room is full of little surprises, and there are a few actors involved that make it a little more thrilling, including a security guard we have to outfox to get into the vaults, and quite a bit of bureaucracy to overcome.

I wouldn’t call this an escape room as such, as the GMs have a lot of power to make it harder or easier, depending on the team involved. There are very few traditional puzzles and barely any locks in this room. It’s definitely a little unconventional and a lot of fun!

We made it out with 59 gold bars and just under 9 minutes to spare. What a fun heist! 

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