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Rogue Immersive – The Perfect Crime

The Perfect Crime
25 November 2021
4.0 out of 5.0 stars

Escape Room time! The Perfect Crime by Rogue Immersive is themed around the famous Gardner Museum heist over three decades ago. If you haven’t heard of this crime, do watch This Is A Robbery on Netflix, a brilliant series detailing the happenings during this infamous art heist, as well as speculating on what happened to the famous paintings that are still missing to this day.

The Perfect Crime is based around the idea that the paintings have been used as underworld currency for decades, and we are tasked with liberating either Rembrandt’s The Storm, or Vermeer’s The Concert from the vaults of an infamous organised crime syndicate to give it back to the public (or sell it on the black market…)

To accomplish this, we need to find our way through the guard’s break room, a laser secured storage facility, and a highly secured vault. All without being caught by the numerous guards on duty and avoiding the CCTV system. This escape room is really high energy and had us stumped a few times, but we steadily made our way through, with two escapees having to pull a few extra tricks to confuse the guards.

While it didn’t have a huge amount of things to do for each of the six players, it was still a really fun experience and very well presented with a high degree of realism for an escape room of its kind! We did feel very immersed in the story and made it out with the painting with just 5 minutes to spare. 

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