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The Shark Is Broken

The Shark Is Broken
09 November 2021
Ambassadors Theatre
4.5 out of 5.0 stars

It’s 1974, and three actors are stranded on a boat while Bruce, the mechanical shark, is being repaired. The making of Jaws was famously riddled with issues, but a little talked about one was the friction between the three lead actors.

Ian Shaw takes on the role of his own father, Robert Shaw, who is portrayed as a very grumpy sod struggling with alcoholism. Richard Dreyfuss, played by Liam Murray Scott, and Roy Schneider, played by Demetri Goritsas, bring their own host of issues on board, leading to a lot of arguments, but also brotherly bonding through a shared experience.

Swinging from hilarious to touching to saddening, this show really has it all, giving the audience a glimpse at the every-day issues of location based film shoots, and the personal lives of the three main actors trying to navigate their lives and the entertainment industry. If you’ve ever seen Jaws and even just marginally enjoyed it, this is a must-see show.

A wonderfully entertaining addition to the variety of West End shows currently running!

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