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Pride & Prejudice* (*sort of)

Pride & Prejudice* (*sort of)
16 October 2021
Criterion Theatre
4.5 out of 5.0 stars

Pride and Prejudice* (*sort of) was recommended to me by another avid theatre goer as the funniest thing she’d seen in the West End for a while, so I grabbed a ticket and went to check it out.

What a hilarious show it was! In this retelling of the well known tale, the roles are all played by servants, spilling secrets of their employers and keeping everyone’s glasses topped up to ensure a happy ending. It’s a total whirlwind performance with so many laugh-out-loud moments, the cast quickly stepping from role to role while adding a certain modern twist to the story.

With a gorgeous set and expert timing, the all-women cast don’t stand still for a second and weave this tale with so much love and talent, keeping everyone in the audience glued to the action. I was absolutely delighted to see this funny performance, I’ve definitely been recommending it to friends as well. It’s one of those shows you have to see to believe! 

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