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The Lost Musical Works Of Willy Shakes

The Lost Musical Works Of Willy Shakes
16 October 2021
Above The Stag
4.5 out of 5.0 stars

I wasn’t quite sure what I expected of The Lost Musical Works of Willy Shakes, but the show definitely exceeded anything I was prepared for. The setting is quite unique, it’s 1616 and Shakespeare and his Fair Youth try to find ways to be remembered forever.

Clearly a series of stuffy plays that no one would care about a few decades down the road could never secure the Bard’s eternal glory, so they hatch a fool-proof plan! People love music, so why not add a selection of songs to the moderately successful plays to make them stay in the collective memory for longer.

The two actors played off each other brilliantly, and the selection of cheesy songs, worked to fit into the well-known plays, was fantastic! Packed with humour and over-the-top silliness, the entire show was an absolute delight. I especially liked the song from the perspective of the bear, who always just gets to pursue people to chase them off the stage. What a whacky but entertaining idea, a fun reimagining of the plays and an absolute treat for any fan of Shakespeare and musical theatre.

I’ll be chanting WEST END TRANSFER for a while to come! Congratulations on such a fun and engaging show,

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