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The Prince Of Egypt

The Prince Of Egypt
02 October 2021
Dominion Theatre
3.0 out of 5.0 stars

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go see the Prince of Egypt at first, as the story of Moses and Ramses is so well known and I wasn’t too sure a musical would appeal to me. All in all, I am glad I did go in the end.

The staging at the Dominion is grandiose, with a gorgeous moving set and the most intense and impressive choreography I have ever seen. However, it’s also a really really long show (2hrs and 40mins) with very slow plot progression. Many scenes could have easily been cut or shortened without losing anything. I think the show could have been whittled down by a good half hour, making it a bit snappier and less long-winded. The show definitely uses all the capabilities of the refurbished stage of the Dominion to the fullest potential and is visually truly stunning.

However, the music is very samey throughout the entire musical, with songs not really standing out but more serving as a vehicle for the plot. Characters don’t seem very fleshed out either, making it more difficult to empathise with any of them. I guess the story is well known enough to assume people already have preconceptions of the main characters, but there could have been some more in-depth development of relationships and motivations done on stage.

It’s still a show worth seeing if you enjoy dance choreographies though! The ensemble is absolutely stunning, carrying the entire show with their intense performances. I couldn’t focus on any of the plot while the dancers were on as they completely stole the show and elevated a mediocre musical with their unreal dance performance. It’s worth going for the staging and choreography alone!

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