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Moulan Rouge

Moulan Rouge
09 October 2021
the Vaults
4.5 out of 5.0 stars

Whenever the Vaults announce a new immersive show, I jump to book tickets! I have never been disappointed, especially with their dinner shows, they are always impeccably entertaining and delightful. Mulan Rouge is another fascinating mash-up that just opened and will be running until late January.

The show can be booked without dining, but I’d recommend the small additional cost for a dining ticket, it is absolutely worth it, and as always is catered to all dietary requirements. As the title might suggest, this one combines the basic idea of Mulan (young Mulan dresses up as their father to save him from going to the war) with the Moulin Rouge!

Mulan follows the call of the war and ends up being drafted to Paris, where they need to report for duty at the Moulin Rouge, meeting a host of colourful dancers as well as the somewhat eccentric General Lee and his troupes. Together they must prepare for the arrival of the Huns and prepare a battle strategy! Chock full of drag-performers, Mulan Rouge keeps pushing further down the road of acceptance, dismantling the social construct of perceived gender roles, and playfully pointing out problematic language and behaviours. With every new show I am more and more delighted with how well presented the inclusivity and support is, there is absolutely no room for discrimination here!

The meal was also as always stunningly presented. From the garlic tofu lettuce wraps, baked Camembert (or warm cauliflower dip), and crispy baguette to start with, over the main course of braised lamb (or roast butternut squash) with gorgeously creamy roast potatoes and peas, to the delectable dessert of pineapple tart, everything was deliciously paired and an absolute delight.

Seriously, this venue never disappoints with the elaborate meals they put on for immersive dinner shows! I am forever grateful for the amazing equality and diversity work The Vaults are doing and hope other venues will take a slice of their commitment to learn how to do it right!

What an amazing, funny, raunchy, non-problematic show created with so much love and sass! Don’t miss out, it’s the best night out you’ve had in years!

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