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Closer Than Ever

Closer Than Ever
23 September 2021
3.5 out of 5.0 stars

I treated myself to a little song cycle viewing. Closer Than Ever is a new production of the iconic song cycle about modern love, created specifically for online audiences.

Filmed in London, with a stellar West End Cast of Kelly Ellis, Dalton Harris, Lee Mead, and Grace Mouat, this revival of the musical revue is an absolute treat to watch. The cast jump from song to song, belting out beautiful hymns to lust, romance, marriage, loss, obsession, ageing, and many other aspects of life and love. From yearning for love, over feeling trepidation about a relationship, to divorce, there is such a great variety in the songs presented, including some more traditional ideas as well as more modern interpretations of love.

A great showcase of talent and passion, Closer Than Ever is now streaming on Broadway HD, which also has an abundance of over productions. There are free trials available if you just want to check out the offerings, but be warned, you might not want to stop at the trial if you’re a musical geek like me…

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