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21 August 2021
Vaudeville Theatre
5.0 out of 5.0 stars

I recently got to see Constellations, which is interestingly set up with four different casts, so you get to choose who you’d like to see lead through the same story. I chose to see Omari Douglas and Russell Tovey.

Constellations explores love through the theory of the multiverse, where infinite possibilities exist simultaneously. The play is an absolute whirlwinds, where scenes seamlessly flow together. A quantum physicist and a beekeeper meet at a party, or maybe they don’t, they hit it off and leave together, or go their separate ways and meet again years later, or maybe they break each other’s hearts, or their love grows and bonds them forever. So many choices, so many possibilities.

At first the quick flow of scenes with slight, or sometimes major, differences was a little disorienting, but I quickly settled into it and was at the edge of my seat watching things unfold into a myriad of different fates and futures. The smallest differences spinning into huge impacts, love growing or being rejected, rekindled or squashed, hearts growing together and apart.

This story is absolutely gorgeous and had me in tears by the end. What a beautiful story presented so well by these two fantastic actors, definitely a highlight in the West End right now!

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