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Escape Entertainment – Bank Heist

Bank Heist
19 August 2021
Escape Entertainment London
4.5 out of 5.0 stars

She’s back at it!! My first real-life escape room since the pandemic started!

While I’ve really been enjoying boxed games and online escape rooms during the last year and a half, and will continue to play those quite regularly, those just don’t compare to the experience of actually being in a room trying to solve physical puzzles!

The Escaperoomer and I headed over to Escape Entertainment to tackle their Bank Heist room! Who doesn’t love a good (fictional) bank robbery. After a warm welcome and a short chat with our GM, we were thrown right into the action and found ourselves in the security guard’s room just outside the bank vaults with just one hour to steal the crown jewels!

After a few minutes of orientation and hesitation, we got right to it and tackled all the little puzzles and games to open safe boxes and find clues for the big vault job. There was a large variety of different tasks, we definitely had our work cut out for us. But as experienced escape room tacklers, we made short work of it.

Within 39 minutes we had the crown jewels and the code to get back out without being caught. What a thrilling adventure, a fantastic room to start real life escaping off with! Can’t wait for the next escape adventure!

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